Plastic Soldier Review is a platform that provides a central information hub for all currently and previously available large 1:72 scale soldier plastics collections. Manufacturing industries whose goods, especially in Asia, are perceived to be of especially low quality were not protected because they are more likely to be considered toys than collectors, wargamers, and dioramas. Moreover, unlicensed (‘pirate’) versions of original sets are not accepted, no matter what quality, and would not include them.

A second “Golden Age” with an increasingly expanding number of figures and many new suppliers has recently encountered plastic soldiers’ hobbies. This website seeks to facilitate and promote the hobby by using available sets and particularly new ones. It also aims to encourage the best possible quality levels by offering the largest possible amount of knowledge so that consumers are willing, before leaving their money, to determine which goods are worth buying.

Plastic Soldier Review
Plastic Soldier Review

Plastic Soldier Review is Privately Run and Funded

This platform is managed and funded privately, does not bear publicity, and is entirely free of charge for all visitors. It has no financial arrangement with anybody, supplier, or otherwise, which has a commercial interest in this hobby. It does not involve any manufacturers.

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In the ‘Further Reading’ section, most reviewers list one or more books or articles. These connexions are followed, if possible, by buttons that are directly connected to the respective Amazon UK or US website. PSR is an associate of Amazon licensed and paid a fee for any certification transactions made on the Amazon website, including those linked to the original press when viewed through any of those connexions. You help support our free-to-use platform by buying from Amazon with one of these connexions.

Note about Plastic Soldier Review

Plastic Soldier Review is not an overall magazine for military miniatures. It does not print and thus acknowledges submissions from the visitors although it holds some drawn representations of figures. Please see Contact page on every other matter.