Yet again it is the time of the year when the summer sun is scorching high on our head. What is the better way to beat the heat than tortoiseshell eyewear? Yes, we are talking about those tortoiseshell sunglasses and tortoiseshell glasses that have the pattern similar to the tortoiseshell printed on the frame. This Acetate (high-grade plastic) made eyewear are available in several colours like black, blue, brown, pink, dual-tone, green, purple, red, white etc.

From the closet of famous Oscar Winner celebrity Anne Hathway,  there are many celebrities who are hopping on to this new tortoiseshell eyewear trend. Hipster, cat eyes, round, wayfarer, aviator, and more, you can get tortoiseshell sunglasses in any of your designer frames. But how far will you go to match them with your attire? Have the fashion gurus set out any benchmarks and rules for wearing tortoiseshell glasses with any particular outfit?

How to match your outfit with tortoiseshell eyewear?

Let us find out how you can glam up various outfits with tortoiseshell eyewear and at the same time looks like million bucks. We shall be giving you some tips, tricks and secrets of matching your tortoiseshell eyeglasses and sunglasses with the right kind of attire. Get ready to turn heads with a bang!

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1)      Tortoiseshell sunglasses and beachwear

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are a perfect accessory while you are enjoying beach time. However, what is important that you should give a thought to matching your swimwear or beachwear with tortoiseshell eyewear too. So whether you wear prescription or non-prescription eyewear, your designer frames must be on par with your attire. Ladies, if you opt for a small, skimpy outfit at the beach, in bold floral colours, you can match them with bright shades of tortoiseshell frames such as yellow, green, orange, red, pink, purple etc.  This not only brings the funny vibes but also keeps you looking charming. On the other hand, the gentlemen can keep the outfit simple with t-shirt and shorts paired with the classic tortoiseshell sun protection glasses. Get the perfect shape and size of tortoiseshell frames at Specscart for matching with your beachwear.

 2)      Tortoiseshell glasses with your college outfits

Your love for t-shirts and ripped denim can never die especially if you are a college-goer or studying at higher degree college. With your blue types of denim, men can wear blue tortoiseshell frames or opt for a dual tone in blue and black. Or for a simple and sober look try out a black and white tortoiseshell frame.  While women can always pair them up with their matching t-shirts, dresses, scarfs, bags and other accessories. The Marilyn Monroe fame Cat eyes sunglasses with tortoiseshell pattern will look good on students as well as on your teacher. Heading to the optical outlets would be painful in this summer heat, instead log into Specscart and get 24 hours express dispatch of your shades at your doorstep.

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3)      Partywear and tortoiseshell eyewear

Every party calls the party animals to straighten up their back, put on the party shoes and grab the most happening dress with the best eyewear. Why not Tortoiseshell does the magic at the party lounge?  Bold, wide and thick frames will accentuate your mood as well as the atmosphere. Bold colours like yellow, neon, pink, red, green and blue can run the chill down to your spine. You can also go wild with the stones studded or tortoiseshell frames with embellishment to add the shine, spark and glitter to the theme.

4)      Carry Tortoiseshell eyewear with your 9 to 5 ensemble

Yes, there is no doubt that you can wear tortoiseshell glasses at your workplace. However, the key is to keep the pattern simple and look professional. Therefore, whatever be your official attire or uniform, remember you are not going to be embracing those popping colours until and unless you are a part of Milan or New York fashion world. What we mean to state is to wear classic looking tortoiseshell in black, blue, and green at work. Avoid, bold colours, broad frames, oversized or bright looking patterns at work to keep unnecessary attention at bay.

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Stop sweating, just get all your favourite pairs of tortoiseshell eyewear at Specscart at affordable prices. Come out of the shell of your old black, red and brown frames. Spice up your looks and add glamour with latest, trendy tortoiseshell sunglasses and tortoiseshell glasses from Specscart’s hottest collection