Southern Curls and Pearls – All you need to know about. One of the best beauty blogs on the internet is Southern Curls & Pearls. This blog was created by her husband and Winston Salem. This pair is getting married 2nd June. They’ve got two cats and a Goldendoodle Teacup (so literally we’ve got a zoo, Kidding!)

In my junior year of college, she began this blog to record my everyday life and as a creative outlet to share my passion for fashion, beauty, healthy living, exercise, and life in general. Since 201, it has evolved a lot, and today, she is delighted to share her favorite finds with you and serve as your source of feminine and enjoyable inspiration and always open style.

Southern Curls and Pearls’s Author Bio:

She is the writer behind Southern Curls & Pearls, a Charlotte, NC-based fashion and beauty site. She has vast writing, public relations , social media networking and modelling expertise, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Phi Beta Kappa.

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Where Is She From? In Charlotte, N.C., she was born and raised, and her parents still live there. It’s a perfect reason to visit and go back a lot!

How Tall Is She? She is 5’3 and a half. That extra half inch is important!