It’s a common misconception that plastic surgery and liposuction are simply classified as elective interventions done for purely cosmetic purposes. Yet many of the patients that book such procedures do so for valid medical reasons.

Here are some things you might not know about these procedures and the doctors that perform them.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction isn’t a risk-free procedure by any means. Yet it’s often a lot safer in the long run as opposed to other alternatives for shedding excess pounds, such as a gastric bypass.

Losing fat faster through liposuction can give someone enough of a confidence boost to stick to a healthier lifestyle and diet. The marks from liposuction may last up to six months but usually no more than that. Therefore, it’s a procedure that leads to a full recovery relatively quickly.

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It may also help some people start exercising sooner rather than later, thus preventing them from regaining the excess fat over time.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is often confused with cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgery is plastic surgery but not all plastic surgery is cosmetic. In reality, cosmetic surgery is a different discipline.

Hence the reason there are plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. The latter are trained more in the arts of changing the body for aesthetic purposes. While the former are superior surgeons that specialise in repairing and reconstructing certain body parts.

A cosmetic surgeon may be able to perform breast implants, do liposuction, or tuck excess skin, among other things. But plastic surgeons are more skilled and can reconstruct damaged extremities or even a damaged face in order to restore some utility.

Plastic surgeons are usually called to operate on accident victims or burn victims. Yet they can handle purely cosmetic elective surgeries as well.

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Plastic surgeon marking up for surgery
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The Need for Plastic Surgery and Liposuction

While both types of procedures can improve the appearance, they can also give a person their functionality back in some areas of the body.

Shedding excess fat can give larger patients much-needed mobility. Enough to enable them to work out again without experiencing breathlessness, or too much pain in their joints because of the excess weight.

Plastic surgery can also repair parts of the body that don’t only look damaged on the surface, but also aren’t working properly because of damage underneath the surface.

Granted, one can ask for either type of procedure for purely cosmetic reasons too. A more than understandable decision given how many fields of work judge a potential employee based solely on appearance. Not the easiest thing to acknowledge, but a situation that happens each and every day.

Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon for All Your Needs

Now that you know the differences between cosmetic and plastic surgery it should be obvious why choosing the right plastic surgeon is very important. Some interventions pose serious health risks. Therefore, you’ll only want experienced and well-trained surgeons handling the treatments, modifications, and repairs done to your body.

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